Pilot Training

Paragliding Flying Courses in Romania

To fly with a paraglide is necessary:

  • follow a course of paragliding with an instructor
  • getting pilot license to fly unsupervised by an instructor
  • acquire full flight equipment (canopy, harness, helmet, rescue parachute)

Paramania Flight Training School

Paramania Flight School offers paragliding training in Brasov. You will have course schedules schematized in 2 modules, so before you enroll in this course, you can browse online our introductory program.

What does Paramania Flying School offer?

Paramania flight school Brasov is recognized and certified in training flying courses for pilots, courses are been provided in Romania Brasov and not only, by paragliding pilots licensed instructors and members AZLR (Free Flight Association of Romania) with extensive international experience in New Zealand, Himalayas (Nepal, India ), Alps (Switzerland, Italy, Austria, France, Slovenia, Germany), Turkey, Bulgaria. Kenya

 Paramania courses include:

The theoretical part :

  • includes notions of aeronautics legislation and regulations, knowledge of wing, flight performance and flight planning, human performance, meteorology, navigation, operational procedures, principles of flight, advanced flight maneuvers.

Practical training:

  • preparation of the equipment, ground handling, low flight (max 50 m height), takeoffs and landings, ridge soaring (slope patrol in front of a relatively high wind speed), average height flights (max 1000m altitude), rapid descent maneuvers (ears, ears + accelerator, spiral)


Flying experience to complete practical training for each student:

At least 110 flights from different places in total 15 hours of flight.

At least 5 flights with altitude gain, thermaling.


Note: Equipment and manuals are included for the first 10 Days

Each student shall fly in tandem (2-seater glider) as passenger for easy acquisition of knowledge.
All flights are monitored with radios. We use helmets suitable for this activity, parachute rescue, protective harness, and school wings checked for beginners.

When you have finish your flight training courses you will give a theoretical and practical exam so that you get your Paragliding pilot license issued by the Association of Free Flying in Romania with international recognition.  After you take your license, you can begin to fly anywhere in the world independently, without the need to be supervised by an instructor.

Conditions of participation:

  • Students will have to make a statement declaration that they are medically fit in and does not suffer from diseases that inhibit the activities of flight.
  • Minimum age for admission to the course is 15 years and maximum age limit there. Wannabes minors are allowed only under written permission of their parents.


Paramania Flying Club offers the following modules traversing a course of flight:

1. Taster Day – 120 euro, with transport included, 

2. First Stage: 7 Days, 490 euro, minimum 2  participants, equipment included

3. Second Stage: 23 Days, 920euro, minimum 4 participants, equipment not included.

4. VIP Training (One – One): 140 euro/day. Monday-Friday: May, June, October, November

Check out the dates available and book a training!


First Stage: when weather is good, second part o the day

more details: telephone or whatsapp: 0040726369719