Tandem Flights

Paragliding Tandem Flights in Romania Brasov

Paragliding in Tandem  is the simplest form for the first time to try flying. The tandem paragliding is a wing with 2 seats (pilot and passenger), specially designed for flying in tandem. The pilot and passenger have their own security system.

For flying in tandem there is no age restriction. From children to grandparents, everyone can enjoy the pleasure of flight. No need any previous experience, simply follow the instructions from your pilot.

  • All pilots have a backup parachute in the event (unlikely) an emergency!
  • All our pilots are certified AZLR (Free Flight Association of Romania)

How does it work?

The take off is made by a slight run, following the pilot instructions.

In just a few steps, glider will rise slightly (no sensation leap into the void, as the parachute). Then comes the flight, the passenger sits comfortably and relaxed admiring the stunning scenery, hands-free, being able to take pictures or to film. For those curious, harness (the seat) wing is very comfortable, unlike a regular harness.

Landing will be as easy as taking off, it takes a slow run again, and a few steps.

For your safety you must wear boots and a wind jacket! Maximum weight is 85Kg for Boys and 70Kg for Girls. The Children need to have at least 15 year old.  

Flights are made from Brasov – Bunloc Peak (1200m) or Poiana Brasov – Postavaru Peak (1800m) and performed depending on weather conditions.

All our pilots have cameras mounted on a special device that allows you to take pictures during the flight, and photographing / filming the wonderful panoramic views that you will see, all with an exceptional quality (HD).


Paragliding Tandem Flights largely depends on the weather conditions, so it is important to schedule the flight, and confirm the programming telephone to 1 day or two before.

Flights can be made throughout the year, depending on the weather, including winter (when clear, beautiful landscapes are hard to imagine). Duration of activity (including training and flight) can vary between 1:00 h and 1:30 h, depending on weather conditions.

For scheduling and registration, please click here: 

If you want to offer a tandem flight to a loved one, we offer gift vouchers – Please contact us for details.


Summer Seazon April-November: Bunloc Peak 1200m – 70 euro/flight,  with pictures and movies  included in the price

Winter Seazon December-March:  Postavaru Peak 1800m – 100 euro/flight, with pictures and movies  included in the price

For Groups we are all the time  3 or 4 Pilots.  

The price for the cable car or chair lift is  included (around 7 euro)




Winter seazon Postavaru Peak 1800m

Summer Seazon – Bunloc Peak 1200m