Flying Spots

Online flying spots guide in Brasov Romania

Brasov is a very good flying spot in Romania, he has high mountains and hills all around the area, easy to get there and good recovery conditions.

Poiana Brasov – Postavaru Mountain 1799 m

GPS coordinates : take off : 45°34’14” (45.5707)N; 25°33’38” (25.5606)E – Elevation : 1682 m.
landing : 45°35’34” (45.5928)N; 25°33’38” (25.5606)E – Elevation : 1115 m.
Take off : N 45° 34′ 14,6′ E 025° 33′ 38,3′ from an altitude of 1690 m from the sea level. Wind directions should be N or S. Requires at least 2 years of flight experience.
Landing : N 45° 35′ 34,1′ E025° 33′ 21.6′ , at an altitude of 1150 m from the sea level, in Poiana Brasov Ski resort.
Going there : To get to Poiana Brasov, you have to get to the city of Brasov, and after that follow the road signs towards Poiana Brasov. To get to the Takeoff spot, you can use 3 cable cars.


Sacele Bunloc – Bunloc Mountain 1172  m

GPS coordinates : take off : 45°35’22” (45.5895)N; 25°39’51” (25.6642)E – Elevation : 1172 m.
landing : 45°36’18” (45.6052)N; 25°39’33” (25.6593)E – Elevation : 659 m.
Take off : Takeoff place is at an altitude of 1172 m above the sea level, the place is 20 m away from the cable car end station.
Landing : The landing place is in a huge area, suitable for all level of training.
Going there : Coming on DN1 from Bucharest to Brasov, as soon as you enter the city of Brasov, after the BMW car dealership you turn right and follow a gravel road, which will take you to the Bunloc Chair Lift.


Santpetru LempesLempes Hill

GPS coordinates : take off : 45°43’2″ (45.7174)N; 25°39’12” (25.6534)E – Elevation : 622 m.
landing : 45°43’0″ (45.7168)N; 25°38’49” (25.647)E – Elevation : 524 m.
Take off : This is a small, 120 m high hill, suitable for both beginners and advanced paragliders.
Landing : On the N, NW and W directions, is suitable for everybody. On the E direction, the landing place is either the takeoff place, of small roads between trees. The landing place on E is suitable for advanced paragliders only.
Going there : The hill is in Sanpetru village, 3 km away from the city of Brasov, coming from Bucharest, you pass the train station and at the first traffic light, you turn right, and keep going straight ahead, until you reach the village.