Bunloc Flying Spot

Sacele Bunloc – Bunloc Mountain 1172  m

GPS coordinates : take off : 45°35’22” (45.5895)N; 25°39’51” (25.6642)E – Elevation : 1172 m.
landing : 45°36’18” (45.6052)N; 25°39’33” (25.6593)E – Elevation : 659 m.
Take off : Takeoff place is at an altitude of 1172 m above the sea level, the place is 20 m away from the cable car end station.
Landing : The landing place is in a huge area, suitable for all level of training.
Going there : Coming on DN1 from Bucharest to Brasov, as soon as you enter the city of Brasov, after the BMW car dealership you turn right and follow a gravel road, which will take you to the cable car.

Bunloc Mountain:

Takeoff: N 45 ° 35 ‘22.3 “E 025 ° 39’ 51.0”
Altitude: 1172 m

Orientation: N-V

Description: Takeoff possible 4 spots
– Flight direction: N, N-V
– Altitude: 490m from the landing

Access: Take-off is located just after you got off the chairlift at about 20m.
Landing: N 45 ° 36 ‘18.6 “E025 ° 39’ 33.4”
Altitude: 650 m

Description: The place has a large landing spot good for beginners who already flew high. But you must be carefully with the boundaries on the landing spot. There are approx. 30 cm and you may not really see them from the air.

Features: This is an area for flight. training, performance-flight competition with possibilities of thermodynamics and distance. There have been many distance flights to all directions: Ciucas Mountains, Intorsura Buzau, Bran Mountains, Tusnad.

Transportation: lift, program 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., the current price = 4 euro. Lift does not work with less than 8 people.