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This site is owned by Paramania.ro team and is a website dedicated to sports activities, namely: flight school and flight training services in tandem paragliding. Thus
Paramania.ro, can change the site content without prior notice. Registration, services reservation and using this site Paramania.ro means that you agree to all terms and
conditions presented.

  • Please read this information carefully before booking one of the services offered by Paramania.ro team, as they set our respective rights and obligations.
  • Telephone bookings are only accepted by clicking the box “I agree with the terms and conditions,” so you agree that you acknowledge the terms and conditions specified by our team Paramania.


  • Information on this site is managed by the team Paramania. Paramania.ro make every effort to ensure all information on this website is accurate and updated. You should be aware, however, that any flight and / or flight details appearing on this website should be considered indicative until confirmed by a Paramania staff member with whom you should contact.
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When you fill out an application, you have to give us personal information about you such as your name and phone number. Paramania team prides itself in treating respect to such
personal information with specific confidentiality.

  1. Reservations – Customer can book a direct flight with Paramania through telephone contact or via contact form. To book a flight in tandem or to start a paragliding school with Paramania, first you have to read the terms and conditions expose by Paramania Paragliding School. Confirmation of both flight and start paragliding courses will be made through the email address provided or by telephone contact.
  2. Vouchers: Paramania.ro team with partners provides vouchers for clients, so by purchasing a voucher, the passenger acknowledges and agrees to the terms and conditions specified and stated below:
  • Vouchers are only valid for flights and services indicated.
  • The validity period of voucher is mentioned in the voucher and confirmed by Paramania team. The purchased voucher is not refundable!
  • Please note the time and date of arrival, if the customer arrives later than the scheduled time of 30 minutes, without notice, the voucher will be canceled or available seats will reschedule the end of the flight schedule. It is the customer’s responsibility to engage and communicate or confirm the time and date for the flight scheduled to reach at least a day before scheduled. Voucher purchased on the day of scheduled flight, will be handed directly to the pilot.
  • When you arrive at the Flight Place specified by the pilot, please contact him and and wait him to come after you.
  • It’s forbidden to buy tickets for the lift cable without the pilot instructor approval  and it’s forbidden to go alone without your flight pilot instructor to the flying spot, if this demands have not been respected, then the pilot can cancel the flight of the customer reserved without consequence.
  • – Due to weather conditions, flight restrictions area, delay of another client, before your scheduled or any other reason, Paramania reserves the right to cancel and / or reschedule customers with about an hour, but they will try to respected scheduled time. Pilots decision to cancel the flight is final and unquestionable! Each pilot chooses the decision to take off depending on the weather conditions at takeoff that according to passenger flight to ensure maximum security.
  • All customers will have to sign an affidavit before the start of a flight or glider course.

Clothing: To fly is necessarily a wind jacket, pants and boots (even if it is summer). Slip footwear or sandals are not allowed! If customers scheduled to fly is present in inappropriate clothing, Paramania team has the right to cancel the request.

From the medical point of view: As for booking a flight or tandem paragliding school courses Paramania, you need to be fit medically and physically, and you must not have breathing problems, heart problems, or do not suffer from medical conditions that have the indications for this sport.

These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Paramania Team!

We are conservative in our training programs, we tandem flights and flight height in the best and optimum conditions. Paragliding is inherently risky activity, and your safety is our main concern. We rely on favorable weather conditions to fly in conditions of maximum safety, so our customers and passengers this experience is unique. Paragliding is a weather dependent activity. If canceled due to bad weather, can reschedule agree upon.

Paramania Paragliding course

Minimum age to fly or start the flight with the team Paramania is 15 years (with the agreement of the parents).

Maximum weight for students of paragliding and tandem paragliding flights is from 40-95 kg.

The prices for paragliding courses, tandem flights doesn’t include: personal expenses, insurance, accommodation and transport to flight locations, lift tickets …

These Terms and Conditions have been designed for smooth functioning of Paramania flight school policy, so that when you want to book a flight tandem or start school in our Club, remember to acknowledge the terms and conditions specified by our team Paramania.ro site.