Name: Gyorgy Robert
Pilot – Tandem – Instructor – Paragliding
Flying since 2004
Class paragliding: Tandem
Model Paragliding: Sky – Antea, Icaro – Twice

Robert flies since 2004 is a flight fanatic, an exceptional pilot tandem paragliding instructor and a very rigorous. He flew around 1,000 passengers both in Romania and in Italy, Austria, Turkey, Nepal and New Zealand, offering passengers a pleasant flight as comfortable and safely.

Is an energetic guy who lives to fly the glider, a full-fledged professional, from whom you have always something to learn. In a few words, you will not find a better pilot and a nice guy!
Name: Adrian Pochiu
Pilot – Tandem – Instructor Trainee
Flying since 2005
Class paragliding: Tandem
Model Paragliding: Sky – Metis2

Adi is a quiet type who loves rough sports. He started paragliding in 2005 during college. Did not stop there but quickly quickly learned to do paragliding acrobatics, then parachute jumps where later and fulfilled childhood dream, to fly with a wing designed by him.

Aeronautical engineers took advantage of practical flight knowledge combined with theoretical and produced in 2011 the first wing of speed in Romania, a wing “speedfly” of 13.7 m2 with a speed of up to 80 km / h.

It is also a very skilled pilot tandem and very cheerful. He flew both in Romania and in other countries like Nepal, Turkey, Italy, Austria and Germany and in the summer working on skydiving clubs in Europe. You will not regret if you simply know, calm, joy and skill in the air you will amaze both.

Name: Iulian Pochiu
Pilot – Tandem – Instructor Trainee
Flying since 2005
Class paragliding: Tandem
Model Paragliding: Sky – Metis

Iulian is a very skilled pilot competition and an excellent tandem pilot. It’s the kind of person who take advantage of every opportunity to reach as high flight and then fly as far. He flew to Italy (Dolomites), France (Mont Blanc) Switzerland, Germany …

Paragliding has become a big part of his life and likes to share this experience with as many people. It’s very friendly, has many skills in many areas and is professional in paragliding. In everyday life loves to walk through the country with the engine, hiking and walking on the mountain bike. You will know when you find a guy relaxed, funny, beautiful and kind.

Name: Monalisa Popescu
Paraglider pilot
Flying since 2007
Class glider: DHV 1-2
Model glider: Windtech – Zephyr

Loves flying and gets very excited when the good whether comes to be on the hill. Yelling when is in thermal kicking and talk to her wing as a good pal. Monalisa likes to ride a bike, play tennis, do hiking, laugh alot and to make friends.

Name: Szutor Zsigmond
Pilot – Instructor
Flying since 2000
Class paragliding: Tandem
Paragliding Model: Icaro – Twice